Tuesday, March 26, 2013


New Hampshire had its issues, she once told The New York Times. "We grew up in a place with very few Jews. I didn't look like the other kids. I had hairy legs, hairy arms, hair everywhere. I looked like a little monkey." But Silverman had issues of her own.
She was diagnosed as clinically depressed at 13, prescribed Xanax for three years and was a chronic bedwetter – all seriously and comically covered in her autobiography, The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemp-tion, and Pee.

"I grew up in New Hampshire and everyone was very blonde and people would be like, 'Are you from New York?' I was just hairy! I used to bleach my arm hair. And it hurt so much. You don't know suffering for beauty until you're sitting on the floor of your bathroom, weeping, with white cream on your arms." 

SILVERMAN: I'm Jewish and I grew up in New Hampshire—there was nothing Jewish about us. I felt Jewish because I was the kid with hairy arms. What's my point? Omigod, I just went 1,000 steps the other way.
CRYER: I didn't know hairy arms was a sign of Judaism.

You'd think that with all the "hairy" talk there would be some nice pics out there, but I can't find them.  In her book she mentions her hairiness at least 3 times, but nowadays she shaves.  Doesn't make sense to me.  I remember when she was still dating Jimmy Kimmel a few years ago, HE even mentioned it during a celebrity roast where they were both appearing.  If you look up EVENING AT THE IMPROV on YouTube, you may find her in an early stand-up routine where her arms are nicely covered.  


  1. She was always pretty in my opinion. There are some images on-line, but they are becoming obsolete with the "great culling" of anything hair related.

    She is a classic example - no matter how intelligent a person, or connectedness to any background ethnicity or race, or what you do, accomplsh, etc., the majority of people still prefer to look just like their peers. Sad realization, that being unique and different is not okay. Even today.

    She is simply a woman with dark hair, and a small amount of body hair? Most people have some. But this is a "no-no." Quite literally, just see the infomercial. Sit back and take in the madness as it unfolds before you.

  2. since when did hairy arms become a sign of Judaism? my niece has (had) hairy arms and she is a Mormon. I always thought she (Sarah, well my niece too)was pretty, but now, she might as well finish the job and get some implants or her lips inoculated isn't that what you are supposed to do?

    1. I think maybe that comment about hairy arms being a sign of being Jewish is her trying to be funny. I don't know, just my thoughts on it.

  3. I knew a few Jewish women, that were somewhat endowed, but I don't think they are any more than what what would be the norm. The name Jew refers to a region, and this area has all kinds of peoples. I think latinas still have the ultimate genes for hairy arms on the planet.

    Sarah looks like the kind of girl I would have chased after when I was a kid. She has very pretty eyes too.

  4. I have a couple of Sarah pics. where can I send them?

    1. send them to my contact info in my profile

  5. Send them to Sarah, and ask: "Why do you shave your arms?"

  6. I know this comment isn't related directly to Sarah, but just was going to say that I seen some interesting young ladies the other day. Had a warmer day, so I was out and it was at least refreshing to see a couple of outstanding females with great arms in the mall.

    The usual waxers were out in full-force of course, but two were bold and beautiful babes also. One waa Latina (no surprise) and hade very noticeable arm hair. Kind of a taller girl and statuesque, maybe about 17-20 years old. Wild looking.

    The other was Indian and very petite and had unbelievably hairy arms. A pair of the best I have seen in person, in quite some time. But she also had the traits that some Indian women do, and was covered in hair, on her back, neck, shoulders, and had permanent dark straight hair from her sideburns down to her jawline. You could brush it. As thick as I have ever seen any woman.

    Must have been about 18 or 19 tears old and with her family. Was good to see, she was walking around proudly and didn't seem the slightest bit unnerved by any onlookers, because I noticed a few younger dudes gawking at her, from behind, and as they walked by, looking in astonishment. Ha ha! I'm sure they didn't even know such a thing existed!

    She just kept her head straight and laughed with her mom and sister. Who was alo "blessed", but not nearly as much.

    It is always an Indian woman or Latina, that really makes your eyes pop out an reminds you of what used to be more common - LOL! If I was younger, I would have started a conversation. Reminded me of some of the girls from the old school days.

    Well, I suppose this can be deleted, as it has nothing to do with S.S. Sorry, didn't know where esle to post it?
    Later fellas.