Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Q - When did you first notice arm hair on a woman?
A-  I don't remember the first time! One big moment I remember is grade 9 English, the brunette in front of me had nice hairy wrists that I noticed when she'd fix her ponytail. Every day I'd pray she'd wear short sleeves and when she did I was in heaven! Especially when she fixed her ponytail! I heard her complain about them once but I was much to shy to say anything!

Q- Why are you attracted to hairy arms if known?
A--I don't know, I love hair anywhere on a woman but arms for some reason are the best!

Q- Do you prefer blonde, brunette, red, or black arm hair?
A-  Blonde by a hair (pun intended)

Q- Have you ever dated, or married a hairy woman?
A- Yes I currently am. Hairy blonde that didn't care when I told her I love her hairy arms. She'll lie beside my and lift her arm up and run her hairy forearm over my face. She's cool. My ex was brunette and barely had any, even after she stopped shaving them when we started dating. She had some though and said her co worker pulled on it once. Also she was taking care of a little boy and out of nowhere he rubbed his mouth on her hairy arm and said "Soft." It's hard to be interested in them when they're hairless!

Q- Who are your favorite hairy women/actresses/athletes?
A- Lindsey Ellingson of course! Lily Collins, Valentina Zelyaeva, Emma Watson.

Q- What is your favorite movie or TV show with a hairy actress in it?
A- It's got to be Couples Retreat. The movie was atrocious but the masseuse in it has gorgeous blonde arm hair. Some nice close-ups as well!

Q- Have you ever told a woman that her hairy arms were attractive/sexy?  What was her reaction?
A- I told my co worker today! I tell her all the time. Nice blonde arms. They were shining in the light and I told her how nice they look with the hair shimmering. She just says thanks. The first time I mentioned them to her she asked if she should shave. I said NOOO! I said they're nice. She was just like "OK" and that's it. Another co-worker waxed her arms and when it grew back in I told her they're nice, I was so nervous I don't remember her reaction, it was nothing crazy. She left the hair there, I think to this day she's left it!

Q- What do you make of the hair removal craze right now?
A- I hope it's a passing fad! Unfortunately there are more and more products coming out that make hair removal easier and less painful. It doesn't help that guys who hate hairy girls make it known while those that love hair keep quiet!


Q-  When did you first notice arm hair on a woman?
A-  I was about 9 or 10.  A neighbor girl, also about 9 or 10, had nice hairy blonde arms.  I also sat next to a girl in class with black hair on her arms.  There was another girl in class with brown hair, and my 6th grade teacher, whose name I still remember, had REALLY hairy arms (brunette).  She ALWAYS wore short sleeves.  I still remember her.

Another lasting memory for me is is 9th grade art class, 2 girls I sat next to were comparing armhair one day.  They were both brunettes and comparing the length with each other.  At our 20 year reunion they were still hairy!

Q-  Do you know any girls that either stopped waxing or didn't start because you said how nice hairy arms look?
A-  I only said something about not waxing to one woman.  She was a waitress in a diner I ate at once passing through and I knew I would never see her again, so I told her that her hairy blonde arms were sexy and she should never fool with them.  She kind of laughed it off.  I don’t know the aftermath.   I do know a couple girls who started waxing when I said something about their hairy arms being sexy.  Do you get that?  I don’t.  You compliment a woman about something and they go right out and change it.  I don’t say anything anymore to anyone.

Q-  If you could touch one spot on a hairy arm where would you pick? Wrist, forearm, upper arm, elbow?
A-  Forearm.  But the rest of those areas are good too.  I’m not picky.

Q-  Will you approach a woman that waxes?
A-  No.

Q-  Have you ever been with a woman that didn't care about your love of hairy arms? Rather than be embarrassed she let you do whatever with them.
A-  I’ve dated hairy women before, but never said anything to them about their arms.  But I’m pretty sure that a certain woman in the insurance office I go to is proud of her hairiness.  I’ve NEVER seen her in long sleeves.

Q-  Do you prefer blonde, brunette, red, or black arm hair?
A-  I actually prefer dyed, black hair.  In other words, she has black hair (on her head and arms) but dies it (arm hair) blonde.  I’ve seen many South American women do this.  I like it.  Red hair is rare but good to find when you can.

Q-  Is there any spot on a woman's body you prefer hairless?
A-  Underarms.  I don’t like hairy pits.

Q-  Is there any spot on a woman you like to see hair as much as on arms?
A-  Pubic area.  I like a nice, full, but trimmed bush.


  1. I like women with hairy armpits and legs too. But it has to be femine not hard hair like Perl. Sorry !. But Perl is better than waxed. The firat time I saw a woman with hairy armpits was when I was In a German Disco and there was a georeous girl on the dance floor amd as she lifred her arms I saw Her armpits. I just went week at the knees. The sight of her armpits gave me a feeling of seeing her private parts ..pussy.. like seeing her in the shower. I once got off wizh A Dutch Blond and she was hairy all over could not stop stroking the soft downy hairs on her arms and legs and when we had sex licking her armpits .. WOW am ahrd from remembering.. She was fasinated that I had this fetish as most women / girls at that time were hairy. But not in the UK. With Celebs I started finding that there was/is an intamacy feeling seeing the fine detail of their bodies such as the hair- Even the old Film stars like Liz Taylor, Janet Laigh, Jane Fonda etc.... (NF)

  2. i agree i like everything to be hairy, arms are the last to go. i have dated women that weren't fuzzy even, and must admit that i like hairy women better. your right they smell better and taste better.

  3. Hi. I think many people miss out and don't realise the beautiful feeling of arm hair. I'm a married bisexual man.
    I told my wife about my hairy arm fetish about a year ago. My arms are really hairy but nice and soft hair. I love wearing high cut t shirts and brushing my arm hair to make it stick out more. The erotic foreplay that my wife and I have with our arms is amazing. We will gently rub our arms together so she can feel all my hair stroking her beautiful silky skin. Sometimes she goes into a frenzy kissing my hairy arms and running her lips up and down them.
    Whenever we have a man join us we both choose. I love my men to be nice and hairy. Especially on there arms.
    The feeling is amazing of my hairy arms against another guys gorgeous hairy arms.

  4. I'm glad I found this community of arm hair lovers; I started to feel pretty alone as an arm hair appreciator...mainly because it's just awkward to talk about. I'm a 25 year old guy and I'm very attracted to arm hair on girls. Reading the interview I feel like JIM5, where I wouldn't approach a woman if I knew she was hairless. I also agree with SMRALUVR that a dark haired girl with blonde-dyed arm hair is the best. My favorite type of arm hair on girls is the kind that stands up on end natrually, all the time. I even used to blow-dry my arm hair to stand on end before I went out as well so that if I saw a woman in public like that I could brush against her arms with mine.

  5. I would love to find girls who have the strength of confidence to compare hairy arms with an other girl.

    1. I think I related the story before about a time in 9th grade art class where 2 hairy armed classmates (girls) compared armhair with each other. Other than that time, I've never seen it before.

  6. Am I the only guy who thinks that hairy arms are more attractive than boobs??

    1. No your not. Bu your in a very small club. Welcome aboard :)

    2. Looks like that we are unique people LOL

  7. Finally, someone came forward who appreciates the finer things in life. I have been a fan of hairy arms, it seems, all my life. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of them. My wife, due to her age, has lost a great deal of arm hair. I miss the days when she did have a full set of hairy arms. I am so attracted to hairy arms. You guys said It right.

    1. I am relieved to find out i am not alone;) Check out Linda Carol in Reform School Girls from 1986. Best arms EVER!

    2. Welcome, and I also think REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS is the best ever!

  8. Carrie Jean Yazel and Kerri Hoskins are perfect as well......

  9. Almost forgot Manon Von Gerkan, German model......I think the first time i noticed hairy female arms was on a school bus. A girl 1-2 years older than me totally got my attention. I was probably 12-13.....

  10. Karen Witter, 1982 playmate. Centerfold pic was awesome......

    1. I remember her. Lots of hairy playmates back then.

  11. Any chance that 'Chris' (Sep 8) or Anonymous (Dec 27) are still around?