Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Love her or hate her, she's hairy (when she's not shaving).  She's written an autobiography, THE BEDWETTER.  In it she makes several references to being hairy.  As a child she says she was called "gorilla arms" "gorilla legs" and that she seemed to be the only one who had black hair and was Jewish (in New Hampshire where she is from).  There are a lot of photos in the book, but none show her hairiness.  She never mentions whether or not her sisters or mother are hairy though.  It's a good read if you like her humor, but not if you don't.


  1. Honestly i believe it and the person to have sex with her must be ready to face that cute jungle!

  2. You ever see the image of her where she's at a premier or something public and showing off her VERY hairy unshaved pits? It's as a joke and I don't personally dig pit hair, but anyone that does should DEFINITELY pursue it...