Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I was watching a commercial the other day with some water skiing in it and it jogged my memory of a girl I knew WAY BACK.  I'm talking late 70's.  I hadn't thought of her in literally decades.  I had obviously forgotten about her as we all have seen or known exceptionally hairy girls in our past, but moved on.  This particular girl worked in a deli next door to a store where I worked.  Since I always worked alone, I could not leave for lunch, so I would order from next door.  After she delivered to me a couple times (which I was extremely grateful for since her arms were so magnificent) I asked her out.  She said yes and we went on a water skiing date with 2 other couples.  THAT is why that commercial jogged my memory.  The date bombed as there was a problem with the boat, so we never skied, but we did swim and saw plenty of her and her arms.  She was a dirty blonde.  I don't remember her name or why we never went out again, but we didn't. 

That memory brought up others from that era, late 70's, early 80's.

I was working at a different store and had to make the bank deposit every day and there was a particular teller named Robin (and I DO remember her last name) who I made sure waited on me.  She was a brunette.

Another girl worked at a pet store who ordered pizza quite often, and I was the delivery guy.  I made a little small talk, as much as I could having to get back to work.  She said something about showing her cat at a local cat show.  I went to the thing and hung around her at her cat without making it obvious, or creepy.  She stopped ordering, or quit, I don't know.  We never went out.  She was a blonde and I DO remember her name.

Another blonde worked as a personnel clerk at a place.  There was no time clock, so we had to report to her.  I didn't mind going into THAT job!  I was blown away when I bumped into her about 10 years later!  She didn't remember me.  There was no reason for her to and I didn't make a deal out of it, but I did get a good look.  She worked at a daycare place now and I went in and pretended to be interested in taking my kids (who didn't exist) there.  I just couldn't believe our paths crossed after all that time in a town of 100,000.  And I DO remember her name.

There are a few others from that time.  I may relate those stories at some other time.

These pics represent all of these girls.  Extremely hairy arms.  Not ashamed-didn't shave or cover up.