Saturday, March 28, 2015

ROSAMUND PIKE screen caps

Someone mentioned there were a couple scenes of her hairy arms in GONE GIRL.  He was right.


Arm hair removal is all the rage right now and that's a bad thing for us, but there are celebs, models, girls out there who don't remove theirs.  That doesn't mean they are like Pearly however.  AND that doesn't mean we are going to find out about them either.  There have been some comments lately about the quality of the pics I have been posting.  "Where's the hair?"  "She's not hairy."  Yadda Yadda.  All the girls I post have hairy arms-All of them, but they may NOT be as hairy as YOU like them.  I can't help that.  Everyone has different tastes and I try to cover ALL bases.  JENNI CZECK for instance is VERY hairy, but it's blonde and hard to see in some of the pics.  Add to that professional photographic lighting and some of her pics don't look very good.  YOU HAVE TO LOOK! 
They can't all be like PEARLY